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Contact information EFA:

European Free Alliance, Boomkwekerijstraat 1, B-1000-Brussels, Flanders. Tel + 32 2/513.34.76  /  +32 2/513.48.51  /  Fax: + 32 2/513.34.25

E-mail: infoe-f-a.org 

Website: www.e-f-a.org


Elections European Parliament: EFA manifesto 2019 

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Our own political party in the European Parliament 

The European Free Alliance is a European political party represented by 6 members of the European Parliament. Our representatives are from Scotland (2), Wales, Basque Country/Catalunja/Galicia (combined seat), Flanders, Corsica and Latvia. The EFA as a party consists of almost 40 parties represented in 13 EU-member states. Of those 7 have government seats in their respective countries. 


The FNP has been one of the founding members of EFA in 1981.

Since then the FNP has been a constant factor within EFA. Worthwile mentioning is the fact that by mediaton of the FNP two Frisian political parties in Northern and Eastern Friesland (Germany) are now also participating in the EFA. We are speaking of the SSW (Schleswich-Holstein) en Die Friesen (Ost-Friesland).


EFA-Youth - political youth organization

EFA youth logo   

The EFA-youth are connected with the EFA as its political youth organization. They come up with interesting activities foar young people. For example exchange programmes, summer camps, congresses and political debating. All youth branches of EFA member organizations can become members of EFA Youth. The FNP Youth are also connected with EFA Youth. They are present at most of the important meetings. EFAy Secretary-General is FNP-member Olrik Bouma.
Website: europeanfreeallianceyouth.wordpress.com 
Contact person FNP Youth: Saapke Voolstra, saapke.voolstrafnp.frl


FNP in action within EFA
The FNP acts not only as a member organization but plays quite an active role within the EFA. For that purpose the FNP has founded its own EFA-FNP-committee. Matters concerning Fryslân that need to be put forward in 'Brussels' can be brought forward in the European Parliament by the EFA. Examples in recent years are the special position of Island regions, European tender procedures, protection of language minorities or bird protection. The FNP is always represented by some people at the annual EFA members Conference which is held in different European regions alternatively.  



FNP represetative in EFA Bureau
Besides all that the FNP has its own representative in the governing committee (the Bureau) of the EFA. By him we can maintain our contacts directly and influence European policy making. 



Downloads: EFA manifesto 2019 



Kontakt mei de FNP:

It Partijhûs
Obrechtstrjitte 32
8916 EN Ljouwert

Antwurdnûmer 5034
8900 VB Ljouwert


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Kontakt mei de FNP:
It Partijhûs | Obrechtstrjitte 32 | 8916 EN Ljouwert | Antwurdnûmer 5034 | 8900 VB Ljouwert
058-2131422 | fnphusfnp.frl

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