About the Frisian National Party

The FNP Fryslân is a political party in Friesland since 1962.

The FNP is based on the power of 'mienskippen', society, if they are given space and (own) authority,

then this strengthens their own language, culture and identity and thus well-being.

The FNP feels at home in a solidarity-based Europe and strives for a sustainable Friesland in all areas,

for example enterprising 'mienskippen', energy, more biodiversity and more!


FNP provincial and municipal


Founded in 1962, the FNP has nearly 1,300 members.

The basis of the organization lies in the departments, which are organized according to the municipal division.

In almost all municipalities in Friesland, the FNP has a section with members, a board and a faction.


Committees and Parliamentary Party

At the provincial level, the party has a central board with a number of committees.

The central board ensures that the party organization takes on provincial shape and provides support to the departments.

The members of the states faction articulate the political FNP positions in the States of Friesland.

The members of the faction also sit on various Parliamentary Committees.

The group is assisted by two staff members.


FNP in the Senate

Since 1999, the FNP has a representation in the Senate - the OSF (Independent Senate faction).

This is a partnership of regional parties in the various provinces in the Senate. From 2007,

the FNP, as the largest regional party, also provides the chairman of the OSF.


FNP in Europe


The FNP works in the European political party European Free Alliance (EFA) together with other regional political parties in Europe,

such as the Scots, the Welsh and the Catalans.

Among the approximately 40 European partners are the Frisian political parties in Germany.

As a co-founder, the FNP has a direct seat on the board of the EFA.

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