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FNP Fryslan Winner FNP rain butt action 2021: eben haëzer-school do

1500 rain butts for the people in Fryslân!

The Province of Fryslân has a new scheme that allows the inhabitants to receive a rain butt for free. The Province provides no less than 1500 rain butts. ...

FNP Fryslan Anniversary

FNP’s 60th Anniversary Celebration: the future is looking bright

The future was the core subject at the FNP’s 60th anniversary celebration on 21 January, which attracted more than 180 visitors. This was also the campaign start for the elections for the Frisian Parliament and the Water Authority (Wetterskip F ...

FNP Fryslan Bertus jans po

Bertus Jans Postma 1929 - 2023

Saturday we received the sad notice that Bertus Jans Postma, our very active member and fighter for the Frisian language, died at the age of 93 years. ...

FNP Fryslan Jan ar

Jan Arendz new president FNP Fryslân

Jan Arendz from Beetstersweach is the new president of FNP Fryslân. ...

FNP Fryslan University of groni

FNP very worried about indolence of province in regard to Frisian at the university of Groningen

The FNP in the Frisian Parliament has a lot of questions in regard to the search for a successor of the previous professor Frisian Language and Culture at the University of Groningen. In the upcoming years research and education in the Frisian langua ...

FNP Fryslan Yde dijk

Yde Dijkstra 1966 - 2022

We are sad now that our Yde Dijkstra is no longer with us. ...

FNP Fryslan

FNP chooses a Frisian approach for a better future

De community, the landscape and being able to live pleasantly. These subjects form the core of the FNP-election manifesto ‘Sa dogge wy dat hjir’ (transl. ‘that is how we do it here’) for the 2023 election of the Frisian Parlia ...

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