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European parties support FNP appeal against shooting meadow birds

The motion by the FNP, to prevent the shooting and consumption of protected meadow birds in France, was supported by a large majority at the EFA conference. That was the outcome today at the annual conference of the European parliament party EFA in B ...

FNP Fryslan Landshut

Support for FNP motions for biodiversity and sustainable energy in EU

Landshut (Bavaria) - The motion by the FNP for more biodiversity and a fair income for farmers within the new European agricultural policy has been adopted unanimously. This took place during the annual conference of the European parliament party EFA ...

FNP Fryslan Minority safepack initia

Minority SafePack Initiative

Sign the petition now and help provide a better future for the language communities of Europe. ...

FNP Fryslan Skea ierdbev

As earth trembles again, Fryslân and Groningen protest against gas extraction

Thousands are seeking compensation over damages to houses · Sinking of land is a cause of concern · Nationalia speaks to Frisian National Party representative on current issues and future challenges ...

FNP Fryslan Referendum calatoni&e

FNP addresses the Dutch government regarding the course of the Catalonian referendum

The Spanish state must stop violating human rights and frustrating the democratic process with a referendum in Catalonia. The Provincial Council of the FNP has written a letter about this to mr. Koenders, Minister of Foreign Affairs. ...

FNP Fryslan Sec

Substainable Energy conference (SEC-2017) for a Europe of the Regions. 27 and 28 October, Leeuwarden, Fryslân.

With support of the OSF (Onafhankelijke Senaatsfractie) the European Free Alliance (EFA) is organizing the Sustainable Energy Conference (SEC). The conference is open for registration (at conferences(at)e-f-a(dot)org). ...

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FNP-top to attend conference in Katowice

From the 30th of March till de 2nd of April 6 members of the FNP will attend the EFA-congress in Katowice (Poland). ...

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FNP meeting EFA-MEPS in Brussels

Programme december 6 and 7, 2016 ...

FNP Fryslan

FNP declares solidarity with pro-Kurdish HDP

Oppositional members of parliament under arrest ...

FNP Fryslan

Fryslân CETA and TTIP-free zone

Far-reaching consequences at local and regional levels ...

FNP Fryslan Us taal us o

Omrop Fryslan case. A serious blow to multilingualism in the Netherlands

The only Frisian language broadcaster loses its independence after 28 years ...

FNP Fryslan Scheepvaartmu

FNP: Dutch presidency of the EU biased towards the Randstad

No topics of regional interest outside Amsterdam ...

FNP Fryslan Cor

Fantastic regional election results on Corsica

FNP congratulations to sister party PNC ...

FNP Fryslan Omrop g

Omrop Fryslân must survive!

The Hague plans to dramatically cut the budget of the only Frisian language TV broadcaster ...

FNP Fryslan Skriezekrite idz

FNP motion: extra funds for organic farming in Europe

Supported unanimously at EFA General Assembly ...

FNP Fryslan Skea gaswin

FNP motion brings reversed burden of proof in mining issues to Europe

Supported unanimously by regional parties at EFA General Assembly ...

FNP Fryslan Skea boaiemdel

Gas and Salt Production: European Party Visits Friesland

EFA representatives inspect extent of damage ...

FNP Fryslan Damage from mi

FNP: Reversed burden of proof for damage mineral extraction

Motion to be put forward in European Parliament ...

FNP Fryslan Sybren posthumus 2015 lyts

Looking back on FNP referendum trip to Scotland

Lessons to be learned for Fryslân ...

FNP Fryslan Sorbianminoritycelebratecorpuschristi

FNP supports Sorbs

Sorbian minority in Germany under attack from extreme right violence ...


FNP: own constituency of Friesland for European elections

'Not a single Frisian candidate eligible' ...


EFA in action for Omrop Fryslân

Call for action to European Parliament, Commissioner and Dutch Prime Minister Rutte ...


Douwe Bijlsma posthumous honorary member of EFA

Recognition for his work in Friesland and Europe ...


European support for Omrop Fryslân

Safeguarding the future of regional broadcasting ...


FNP: more democracy and solidarity in Europe

Preparation for European elections at Galicia conference ...


FNP requests European support for the future of Omrop Fryslân

Motion to be submitted february 14th on EFA meeting Santiago de Compostella ...


European strategy on Friesland with more focus on future

Seeking alternatives for 'traditional' subsidies in decline ...


In memoriam Douwe Bijlsma

We are deeply saddened by his sudden passing ...


FNP: ‘Positive energy' from designation as European Capital of Culture 2018 fantastic for Friesland

Frisian communities join forces to achieve a great deal together ...


FNPy debate about Frieslands future September 9th in Leeuwarden

Key speakers: David Linden - Young Scots for Independence - and Ultsje Hosper - president of the Frisian National Party ...


Vacancy: trainee EFA-bureau Brussels

Applications before September 5th ...


Vacancy: half time EFA staff member communications and media

Applications deadline june 14th ...


The Province of Friesland has to stay

Resolution adopted by 32 European parties ...


FNP: European support for the future of Friesland

Against conceited plans of Plasterk for a provincial merger ...


FNP on a working visit to the party in office SSW in Schleswig-Holstein

Meeting with Minister on Cultural Treaty ...


Posthumus (FNP) to support Slovenes in Italy

Government wishes to abolish national minorities provinces ...


Posthumus (FNP) gives an introduction about the consequences of the Euro crisis

Summer university of the Plaid Cymru in Wales ...


FNP: European support against government’s windmill integration plan

Resolution to be submitted on EFA General Assembly ...


FNP welcomes 155 European politicians to Leeuwarden

EFA General Assembly to be opened by Queen's Commissioner ...


FNP working visit of MEPs with regard to European agricultural policy

Opportunities for Fryslân in the limelight on 22 March at Nij Bosma Zathe in Ljouwert ...


Jubilee year 2012 - FNP active in Friesland for 50 years

The jubilee year to begin with a large symposium - Prof. James Kennedy speaker on 14 January ...


EFA conference 2012 to be held in Fryslân

FNP hosts participants from 40 different European regions march 22-25 next year ...


Disastrous government cuts in Frisian language theatre

EFA-fraction in EU-parliament questions EU-Commission ...


Traineeship EFA bureau on offer

EFA-stagiare for 5 months in Brussels ...


SNP wins vote Scotland

Congratulations on behalf of the Frisian National Party ...


FNP resolution opposing nuclear waste storage in salt domes

Action to be taken by EFA/Greens in EU Parliament ...


FNP candidate for organisation EFA conference in 2012

Conference to be held in Fryslân March or April next year ...


EFA strongly condemns Sarkozy's Roma deportation policy

EFA: 'An intolerable resurgence of racism and xenophobia'. ...


Traineeship EFA Centre Brussels

Apply before august 1, 2010 ...

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