NEWS   13-04-2018

Support for FNP motions for biodiversity and sustainable energy in EU

Landshut (Bavaria) - The motion by the FNP for more biodiversity and a fair income for farmers within the new European agricultural policy has been adopted unanimously. This took place during the annual conference of the European parliament party EFA in Landshut (Bavaria). European parliament members of the EFA will now set to work with the motion by the FNP.

Nature-inclusive agriculture

With the motion the FNP wishes to work on nature-inclusive agriculture. For this purpose, not just the commitment of Friesland and farmers themselves is needed, but in particular also from ‘Europe'. The income policy for farmers is mainly carried out via ‘Brussels'. The new EU policy (CAP) will come into force in 2020. Partly thanks to the criteria of this new agricultural policy, a contribution can be made to a good and fair income for farmers, agricultural nature conservation, and attention to biodiversity and the landscape. The motion also states that there may not be any subsidy for genetic modification.


Sustainable energy

Another motion by the FNP, to set up an international working group for sustainable energy, was also adopted unanimously. This involves various regions not becoming the victim of for instance extreme gas or coal extraction, but that regions can become self-sufficient under their own resources.  


European election programme

Furthermore, the FNP voted in favour of the new European election programme of the EFA for 2019-2024. The EFA wishes to see a different Europe, which takes more account of the various regions and the inhabitants who live there. At the ALG, the FNP also supported a motion for more democracy and human rights in Turkey. Thousands of judges, journalists and representatives of minorities have been arrested, and this must be quickly called to a halt. 




FNP-EFA motion biodiversity & agriculture 

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