Klaas Fokkinga

Klaas Fokkinga is the FNP-Member of the Executive Council of Fryslân. Fokkinga was born in 1953 and lives in Nes (Noardeast-Fryslân). Previously he was Member of the Provincial Council (2015-2019) and Member of the Municipal Council of Dongeradeel (2010-2015). Early in 2020 Fokkinga succeeded former Member of the Executive Council Johannes Kramer, who was appointed mayor of Noardeast-Fryslân.   


Fokkinga is responsible for agriculture, quality of life, housing, rural policy, heritage, broadband-internet and Holwert at Sea. As a former Member of the Provincial Council, Fokkinga is familiar with these subjects. Rural policy, housing and Holwert at Sea were part of his portfolio.


As part of the Executive Council, Fokkinga is also Member of the European Committee of the Regions 


Besides being a politician, Fokkinga is also a man of education. He was director of primary schools and school consortia. From 2011 he had his own education consultancy firm ‘Interprimair'. That firm worked on internationalisation in education, education projects and on learning foreign languages abroad. "As Member of the Executive Council I have to hand over this great work to other people", Fokkinga knows. "But it's worth it, now that I am able to be working for the Frisian community."

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