"An autonomous energy policy" (About energy and sustainability)

Fryslân is famous for being a spacious province, with grand and panoramic vistas. But also for its ecological diversity. From the fertile clay along the Wadden coast, the forest and woodlands of Gaasterlân/Gaasterland and the Fryske Wâlden/Friese Wouden, to the cattle pastures in the Greidhoeke and our Frisian lakes. The FNP has been proactive in halting the realisation of large wind parks and high wind turbines in the countryside. We have also been able to put a stop to the proliferation of solar parks in the past four years. With regard to the Frisian regional energy strategy (RES), we have focused on regional consumption. We are continuing to follow that strategy, but we are not deaf and blind to the developments in the world around us, also developments on a global scale. We see that more and more people are having trouble paying their energy bills. We see how dependent we have become on foreign gas, and that the transition away from fossil fuel is necessary. The FNP wants to become autonomous in meeting our own energy needs with time, but also retain a smart balance between energy generation and a beautiful landscape. That landscape is one of the things that makes us unique.


We stand by the current provincial policy on wind parks and PV installations. The FNP also wants to invest in new technologies, such as aquathermy, geothermy, hydrogen, green gas and ‘blue energy'. We also want more federalist solutions for the challenges we are faced with. This means that we don't want to national government to intervene, but do things our way. Carefully and meticulously, with attention for the environment. To become autonomous in meeting our energy needs, in the coming months, we want to enter into agreements with municipal authorities that have far-reaching plans to provide in their own needs, for instance the municipality of Waadhoeke. We are looking for (brown)land that cannot be used for other purposes and are positive about plans that can contribute towards our targets and objectives. With support from the local communities, custom solutions can also be implemented. Such plans have to be integrated in the landscape, and the revenues must revert back to those communities.


In short: we do not want the transition taken over by the big boys, but want to focus on local ownership, where necessary in collaboration with large companies. This has to be done in such a way that it is in line with the nature, scale and character of the community and environment. With a robust network that follows trends and developments. Of course, the premise is that you don't have to generate what you don't consume. In this energy policy, the Province will continue to play a supportive role in the relationship with municipalities and energy cooperations.

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