The seven key values of the FNP

Democracy: The FNP is of the opinion that the people exercises power over the government. People must be involved in public administration where possible.


Federalism: The FNP promotes an administrative system where people and local communities have the power and the means to develop their own living space. The FNP wants more power to be transferred to the Province, a strong provincial administration and therefore a stronger Fryslân.


Internationalism: The FNP wants to know what binds people and sees the world as a federation of communities. Human rights and respect for other cultures and ways of life are at the heart of that philosophy.


Language and culture: Language and culture contribute to the identity and consequently to the well-being of people. The FNP wants to strengthen the Frisian identity and protect the Frisian language and culture. The FNP promotes Fryslân, where other language and cultures are also respected and appreciated, such as Biltsk/Bilts and Stellingwarfs/Stellingwerfs.


Entrepreneurship: The FNP wants to give room to business initiatives, creativity, responsibility and entrepreneurship, to allow people and communities to develop and grow, and maximise their talents and opportunities.


Solidarity: The FNP is a party for and from the community. To preserve this solidarity, we need to maintain and strengthen mutual understanding and respect, between rich and poor, young and old, healthy and sick. Nobody should be left behind.


Sustainability: The FNP wants to pass on a sustainable world to future generations. In stead of squandering money, the FNP wants to apply economic principles that guarantee a better balance between consumption and conservation. 

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